Karan Doshi

Actively looking for a Tableau Developer Role
  • February 2, 2021
  • 4+ years of experience in Design, Development, Integration, Implementation, and Maintenance of Tableau Developer.
  • Experience in all phases of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and Good experience with Agile and Waterfall.
  • Good knowledge of Tableau tools includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau Public, and Tableau Server.
  • Involved in creating database objects like tables, views, procedures, triggers, functions using PL/SQL to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.
  • Proficient in design and development of various dashboards, reports utilizing Tableau Visualizations like Dual Axis, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Pie-Charts, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Tree Maps, Funnel Charts, Box Plots, Waterfall Charts, Geographic Visualization and other making use of actions, other local and global filters according to the end-user requirement.
  • Knowledge of Tableau reporting/data visualization tool and integration between Alteryx and Tableau.
  • Good knowledge of Installed Tableau Prep and utilized Tableau Prep functionalities to make data ready for Analysis and Visualization.
  • Proficient in designing stunning visualizations using tableau software and publishing and presenting dashboards on web and desktop platforms.
  • Proficient in designing customized interactive dashboards in Tableau using Marks, Action, filters, parameters, calculations, and Relationships.
  • Good knowledge in ETL-Extraction Transformation Loading, Data warehousing, Operational Data Store concepts, data marts, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technologies.
  • Knowledge of designing and creating various analytical reports and Automated Dashboards to help users to identify critical KPIs and facilitate strategic planning in the organization.
  • Proficient in developing Dashboard Report, Parameterized Reports, linked reports, Sub reports by Region, Year, Quarter, Month, and Week.
  • Knowledge in Tableau server commands to migrate workbooks and Tableau server backup, Debugging, and monitoring.
  • Proficient in developing UML diagrams like use cases, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose and MS Visio tool.
  • Outstanding knowledge in Microsoft Office suite MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, and MS Visio.
  • Experience using various Operating - Systems like Windows and Linux.
  • Excellent and efficient Team Member with good planning and monitoring skills, goal-oriented and self-motivated team player with the ability to handle the fast-paced development process.
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United States of America
Master's Degree


Master's Degree @ Pace University
Aug 2018 — Mar 2021


Tableau Developer @ Piper Jaffray
Aug 2020 — Current

• Worked Agile methodology and created a Business Requirements Document and System Requirements Specification Document.
• Working with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Public, and Tableau Reader in various versions of Tableau.
• Involved in Trouble Shooting, Performance tuning of reports, and resolving issues within Tableau Server and Reports.
• Drew upon the full range of Tableau platform technologies to design and implement a proof-of-concept solutions and create advanced BI visualizations.
• Functional Lead role in defining the dashboard requirements and providing the best practices/approach to perform ETL and publish data to the reports/dashboards.
• Designed and developed ETL workflows and datasets in Alteryx to be used for Reporting (ETL tool specific for creating datasets) Tableau Data Extract for BI.
• Used different data sources from Microsoft SQL, excel sheets, Microsoft Power pivot and Tableau Prep cleaned files using data blending or cross database joins.
• Developed modules based on the dimensions, levels, and measures required for the analysis and Pivoting, drill down, Slice, and Dice and filtering operations are done for all the OLAP applications.
• Created ad-hoc reports to users in Tableau Desktop by connecting various data sources, multiple views, and associated reports.
• Developed Tableau data visualization using Cross tabs, Heat maps, Box and Whisker charts, Scatter Plots, Geographic Map, Pie Charts and Bar Charts and Density Chart.
• Performed Tableau Admin duties that comprised configuration, adding users, groups, managing licenses and data connections, scheduling tasks, embedding views in the Tableau Server.
• Developed multi-tiered object-oriented system architectures utilizing Usecase Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Class Diagrams using UML modeling tools like MS Visio.

Environment: Agile, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Reader, Tableau Prep, SQL Server, OLAP, UML, MS Visio.

Tableau Developer
Jan 2016 — Mar 2021

• Utilized the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Waterfall to configure and develop process, standards procedures.
• Developed parameter and dimension-based reports, drill-down reports, matrix reports, charts, and Tabular reports using Tableau Desktop.
• Worked creating Aggregations, calculated Fields, Table calculations, Totals, percentages using Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Measure.
• Developed various types of complex reports like Standard reports, Group reports, Detail, and Summary reports, Crosstab reports, Graphical reports, drill-down reports, on Demand and Linked sub reports using crystal reports, tables, views, business views.
• Used Alteryx ETL process to Extract, Transform and Load the data into stage area and data warehouse.
Implemented row level security for the tableau dashboards and used various advanced table calculations for the dashboards.
• Used Tableau Desktop Data Visualization tool for reports, integrated tableau with Alteryx for Data & Analytics.
• Utilized all Tableau tools including Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public and Tableau Reader.
• Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop-down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
• Worked with the managers in preparing the documentation for the next phases of the project, its scope, and its goals. Used MS Project in this process.
• Created different mappings for loading the data into the MySQL database.
• Involved in developing UML use case diagrams, Class diagrams, and diagrams using MS Visio.

Environment: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Reader, KPI, MS Project, MySQL, UML, MS Visio.

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