Daniel Lulo

Healthcare Project Manager
  • February 4, 2021

Since moving to Rhode Island from New York City, I have been working with the COVID-19 response team for the Rhode Island Department of Health. Here I led the grassroots and faith based outreach efforts for the program. I was the departments point of contact for advocacy organizations state wide. I would equip my team with the training and tools to monitor how well people are adhering to the guidelines, and analyze the data in real time to properly respond and mitigate potential outbreaks. In this role, I regularly collaborated with activist groups and business associations to maximize our impact on public health throughout Rhode Island.

Prior to this, I worked in a dual research scientist and program coordinator role in hospital and outpatient settings, across multiple divisions and specialties. I managed many extensive and detail oriented projects on a regular basis. I have both created and utilized existing databases and programs to organize and evaluate the effectiveness of my own or my teams’ work. I developed, managed, and marketed an adolescent weight management program with local businesses. I have submitted my work for publication, as well as presented the results and findings to upper management.

My policy focused education, years of varied administrative, research, and government work experience make me an ideal candidate for this role. I hope for an opportunity to interview to better demonstrate my candidacy for the Senior Project Manager position.

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United States of America
Bachelor's Degree


BA @ Queens College
Sep 2010 — Jun 2016

I graduated with a dual major in Public policy and Urban Planning.
My classes focused on understanding and evaluating healthcare systems.


Community Outreach and Reinforcement Program Team Lead @ RI Dept of Health
Aug 2020 — Dec 2020

 Worked with various communities to influence behavior change to impede the spread of COVID-19
throughout the state
 Created the system used by our team to track and analyze guideline compliance throughout the state
 Led all grassroots and faith based outreach efforts for the COVID response team
 Managed and trained a large team to report behavior statewide that could lead to the spread of the
 Developed partnerships with many organizations, including activist groups and commerce associations,
to ensure that they were able to conduct their usual activities within the confines of the guidelines

Research Coordinator @ Northwell Health
Oct 2016 — Sep 2019

 Partnered with clinical staff to study treatment efficacy throughout the pediatric hospital system
 Developed, managed, and marketed an adolescent weight management outreach program with local
 Created and maintained vast databases for research and administrative purposes
 Advocated on behalf of the patient and their families to ensure their participation in research initiatives
yielded positive outcomes for all parties involved
 Participated in and contributed to international pharmaceutical research studies
 Submitted and published research in pediatric medical journals

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