Powersolv Advantage

Powersolv Advantage

Powersolv Advantage

Government – compliant IT expertise

Powersolv has over twenty-five (25) years of extensive experience in managing and completing complex multi-vendor, multi-task order Information Technology contract vehicles with various Federal, State, County and Local Government(s) and makes us a Partner of Choice for the US Government. Our primary focus is on providing optimal solutions to the government. Our domain knowledge, proven experience, and reference-worthy past performances make us a Partner of Choice for government(s).



Powersolv is committed to providing efficient and effective solutions to our clients. We have an unblemished track record of successfully delivering optimal and economical solutions to our clients.


Incorporate new technologies to stay ahead

We constantly incorporate the latest technologies to keep our clients ahead of the technology curve. With expertise in leading technologies, we have the capability to adapt to new advancements. Our extensive technology competencies also enable our clients to efficiently manage disparate data and derive meaningful analysis and insight from stored data.


Combine the best of the product and custom worlds

By partnering with technology leaders, we aim to provide our clients with a wide spectrum of solutions that not only simplify their work processes but are also customized and fine-tuned to meet their unique requirements. We present our customers with the best off-the-shelf software products as well as custom software applications. This combination ensures that the solutions we provide are tailor-made to achieve generic as well as specific organizational goals.


Leverage software prototyping to meet customers’ needs

Powersolv’s solution delivery methodology utilizes evolutionary software prototyping techniques that enable customers to review software in advance and provide inputs, ensuring the final product matches all project specifications. Prototyping software development reduces time and cost and ensures improved and increased user involvement, thus leading to better software solutions.