Choosing the Right Infrastructure Management Service Provider

Choosing the Right Infrastructure Management Service Provider

For most enterprises planning a broader outreach, technology is making it easier to shrink geographical boundaries. However, with growth comes the problem of managing and monitoring the expanding IT infrastructure which can result in spiraling costs. This is where Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) comes in. As the professional in charge of infrastructure management, you can deploy the service for management of service models and a host of other vital applications.

Monitoring and managing an IT infrastructure spread across diverse geographical locations is no mean task. The level of complexity is increasing and it is also becoming labor-intensive. With new technologies being introduced to this platform which is becoming increasingly diverse, organizations are finding it extremely difficult to manage their growing business and associated IT infrastructure smoothly and efficiently.

Companies are looking at solutions that can not only reduce the cost of operations but also free up their limited resources for use in other strategic projects and tasks. Handling infrastructure management in-house might not be a great move for most organizations as the management of infrastructure demands undivided time and attention besides a sizable budget and availability of highly skilled resources. Business continuity and sustained profitability can only be assured by staying ahead of the curve in areas of network and security management. Even a slight lack of effort in these areas can affect your core business systems and repel your customers.

Infrastructure management solutions from a reliable and reputed outsourcing unit can help company CEOs, CXOs, and other key decision makers to chart a solid, foolproof plan to meet their IT infrastructure management needs without having to sacrifice valuable business resources. Infrastructure Management covers the following six key areas of operations:

  • Network Management
  • IT Service Desk
  • IT Security Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Virtualization Services
  • IT Systems Integration and Management

Network Management

The biggest challenge of network management is providing operational support infrastructure and integrated management systems. The service covers a variety of functions such as diagnosing networking issues, monitoring devices, ensuring optimum network performance, preparing for security breaches proactively and assessing the impact of planned network maintenance on existing services and customers.

Network management provides control over network resources by limiting access to authorized entities only. It also helps detect and fix problems in the network automatically. The service will also monitor network and system configuration to track and manage the effect of software and hardware elements of different versions of operations and to report overall performance of the network.

IT Service Desk

A successful service desk is one that is capable of delivering exceptional end user experience and providing scalability of operations at an optimized variable cost structure.

The IT Service Desk component of IMS goes beyond the conventional support offered by help-desks by offering professional quality support at a competitive price. The help desk is managed by professionals with certified skills for specific roles. You can expect support in establishing your 24/7 help desk and operating it smoothly and efficiently using multiple service mediums. The service also deals with critical aspects of infrastructure management such as infrastructure sizing, capacity planning, installing, patching, upgrading, supporting, maintaining servers, and handling service outage. The professionals are also responsible for network and file server upkeep and maintenance of all security related aspects.

IT Security Management

Security management is a key element of all IT related operations across industries and sectors. It is important to choose a service that combines Big Data analytics and algorithms with risk-based intelligence to fully secure your entire security framework including all sensitive data associated with your business operations. The key objectives of a security management system are minimizing risks and putting in place a strategy that not only deals with all security concerns but also ensures regulatory compliances.

Infrastructure Management

An ideal infrastructure is one that is high-tech, agile and designed to adapt to the ever-changing technologies. There should be operational flexibility in-built in the system to help organizations hit their goals. The infrastructure management service that you choose must be able to take care of all aspects of your IT operations at a cost that will not affect your budget. The service provider must be capable of managing your infrastructure across domains / verticals to manage your cloud, storage, databases, applications, suppliers, assets, and should be efficient in managing these in-house or remotely to suit your business demands and to make sure that there are no gaps in operation or service.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual form of your IT elements such as servers, networks or storage devices. It can not only improve the efficiency of your UT system but also enhance the availability of resources and applications. Multiple virtual machines can be operated through a single physical machine. The resources can be shared across multiple environments. Virtualization is a great way of reducing IT costs and can boost the efficiency and utilization of IT assets.

It is important to choose the right virtualization plan for your business to prevent performance issues in the long term. A well-deployed virtualization plan can ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of all critical business processes. Virtualization services cover Platform Virtualization, Memory Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Application Virtualization and Network Virtualization.

IT Systems Integration and Management

While it is important for organizations to harness the benefits of emerging IT technologies, there could be tough integration challenges that you could possibly confront, within the organizational infrastructure and with partners, suppliers, and clients. Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) can help in seamless systems integration to make the technology change process hassle-free and quick. IMS, with good exposure to system integration and management tasks, can offer a complete range of services including systems development, solutions, platform integration, program management, functional, and testing services.

Choosing an Expert Infrastructure Management Services Provider

One such service provider that possesses expertise in all the above service areas is Powersolv, Inc. ( – a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 2701:2013 certified Information Technology Services provider that offers solutions and methodologies driven by the industry’s best practices. Powersolv has made a name for itself by providing brilliant and innovative business solutions for their clients across verticals.

Established in 1995, Powersolv has over two decades of extensive experience in successfully completing and delivering projects of varies size, scope & complexity. Powersolv is a Microsoft Gold Partner, a Cloud Solutions Provider and they are also partnered with Oracle, VMware, and others to deliver high quality services of immense value to their clients. Powersolv boasts an impressive list of clients, and an excellent track record in working with clients at the Federal, State, and County levels as well as Local and Not-for-profit agencies.

Powersolv sets up, manages, and supports your entire IT infrastructure and provides consistent, world-class services at cost effective rates for your infrastructural needs as per your organization’s specific plans. To know more about the various services offered by Powersolv, visit Powersolv Inc.

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